Sabtu, 12 November 2016

Ahok controversial on Al Maidah 51

In one of his speech, Ahok said, “In your inner hearts, Bapak/Ibu may not vote for me, because [you have been] lied to by [using] Surah al-Maidah, Verse 51, etc. […] So, if you cannot vote for me because you are afraid of being condemned to hell you do not need to feel uneasy as you are being fooled. It is alright”. The speech sparked protests from Indonesian Muslims. Differences of opinion occur in the community, including among fellow Muslims.

Friends and neighbors asking for my opinion on the case. Obviously the first one I say is that I am not a cleric or ulama. So my opinion would have been only the opinion of ordinary Muslims.

First, to strengthen my faith I've often discussed and debated about the teachings of Islam, not just with fellow Muslims but also with other believers. I tried to keep an open mind when going on dissent, and remain in a position of mutual respect and not to impose the faith. One of discussion is about the leadership of women and non-Muslims in community organization.

In my opinion, Ahok speech showed his opinion that's Islam allows his people led by non-Muslims for non-religious affairs. This opinion is based on Gus Dur’s statement as he supports Ahok’s candidacy for governor in the province of Bangka-Belitung decade ago.
So the first thing I do on Ahok speech is to be open to receive his "opinion"

Secondly, Indonesia is a country that requires its citizens to embrace one of the five recognized religions. Harmony on this distinction is done through religious tolerance, including not insult other religions.

Although Ahok simply express an opinion, it was not delivered in a discussion forum, but in his introductory speech as governor. Because his opinions are beyond its capacity, then he can be considered an insult to religion.
On this mistake, we should call Ahok, admonish him and advised to apologize openly to the public. It would be better if on that occasion Ahok urge other people, for the sake of the sovereignty of our beloved country, to be careful in the expression regard to religious issues.

Third, for me any feedback or criticism is a gift, an opportunity for improvement or enhancement. Ahok controversial speech is the right moment to consolidate and introspection for Muslims. Muslim rulers should immediately gather and unite opinions. If necessary, held discussions with Islamic ulama in the world, especially on interpret Al Maidah verse 51. Different understandings will affect Indonesia in the order of the state and nation.
Considering the differences in background, knowledge and intent, it is rather difficult to get a common understanding. The difference in setting the date for the Idul Fitri feast that happened over the years is proof of difficulty in obtaining an agreement among Indonesian Muslims themselves. But at least we're trying.
Even if the results are still differences, we will let it and announce that we are still agreed on multiple interpretations, and leave it to each individual to choose. Surely as a mediator, religious departments must choose an official interpretation from the standpoint of the government.

Fourth, this incident is a critical moment for Indonesia. In the global trend of radicalization, it would be easy infiltration to divide the nation, or erode national identity. Political rivalry, especially in the face of the local government election, also can add to the complexity of this issue

On the other hand it is an opportunity to strengthen the unity in diversity. All elements of the nation must be echoed determination of national unity. Surely the president of Indonesia must be at the forefront in this national movement. This movement includes organize and regulate the use of social media to be free but responsible, and give priority to national unity and sovereignty.

Finally, according the first principle of this nation, Believe in the One Supreme God, we have to think hard and develop the grand strategy and long-term planning on how the next generation can still maintain Indonesia as a religion state instead of secular. And the character is able to enhance global competitiveness in order to improve the welfare of the people. Education department, the leaders of each religion should play an active role in order to formulate the program and ensure that it is running well.